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Anonymous said: Wow you probably won't believe this but I'm utterly speechless. I was so mind blown by each definition. It makes me feel like an amateur considering that some of the tattoos I want to get in the future don't reflect on my life. That they're just for interest. You're really inspirational and inspired. I hope you are happy since it sounds like you've had difficulties in the past. - :)

I can never be truly happy, but I do have people in my life that give me a taste of what that is so I’m grateful for them being in my life.

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Anonymous said: Yea I'll defiantly considered it, thanks for the help. By the way I really do admire the art work and what you've chosen. If you don't mind can I ask what each one means? Feel comfortable to say no. - :)

Yeah no problem I’ll try not to make it too long of an explanation. First I have written on my knuckles lone wolf which I got cause in this cold world you have to strive by yourself to live ,also cause I’m a lonesome person. I have three roses on my right hand varying in size ,big to small because I’m the youngest of three siblings. Also on my hands effort and regret on opposite sides because with effort comes regret . A lanturn because I’m drawn to certain things Like a moth to flame . Also have a tea cup with some flowers cause I enjoy a good cup of tea. A acorn cause I always collected them while I was young , also have a whole lot of symbols on my body . A wolf on my chest for my love of these animals there loyality, strength and perseverance and there compatible to live alone. A Fox for betrayal and lust an owl for wisdom and the watcher cause I look over the people I care about and are passionate about taking care of friends making sure there safe .A raven for perseverance and patience. On my back a crescent moon cause I find comfort in the night sky . A wolf skull on my left hand cause with death comes beauty. Vulture skulls and flowers on my shoulders as a reminder that people are like them circling around you waiting and wanting a piece of you but only if you are of use to them . There’s more anon but for now I think this should do hope you find this informative.