Anonymous said: Haha thanks, but yea you get what I mean. - :)

Sorry i havent replied lately Anonymous ,ive been so busy with work and my grandmother was in the hospital for a week and then i got sick . i apologize once again .

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Anonymous said: Even when you can't relate to their emotion it's still good. Sometimes I feel like their life is all perfect and they don't have anything to worry about but their music reminds me how they too have their own issues. Their music teaches how you can overcome obstacles as long as you set your mind to something better. I'm sorry if I sound all preachy, it's just I've been through a lot a that type of music is what got me by >_< - :)

No need to feel that way i completely understand 

Anonymous said: Yea no doubt! Honestly I hate the stuff they give on the radio. It's all over the place and has no meaning to it. It's somewhat confusing. - :)

Yeah i feel like metal has such a wide range of emotions that you can conect to and relate to aswell.

Anonymous said: Yea I just recently started listening to metal. So one day I'll get to your level haha - :)

:] thats great metal is the best music hands down .

Anonymous said: I'm also into metal but not that much. I'm not really sure how to put it. I'm into Volumes, Bmth, Of Mice & Men, Simple Plan, Smashing Pumpkins, and Mayday Parade. Basically bands related to those like that.

Yeah i see still the same catergory just not as heavy